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Our Services

Stairs, Carport, Bathroom Renovations

Our highly skilled team has the expertise, experience and credentials to be able to take your plans and mould them into an excellent end result.

  • Registered low-rise commercial builder
  • Sourced materials and skilled tradesman
  • Extend and renovate anything from early Victorian to modern or contemporary
  • Off-the-plan projects and renovations
  • Specialising in major residential renovations

We can handle off-the-plan projects as well as renovations.

We specialise in major residential renovations. We are able to extend or renovate your home, anything from an earlier era (Victorian), to more recent times or even contemporary. We are able to blend the existing and the new, through the use of sourced materials and skilled tradesmen, to achieve high standards and quality finishes. Our aim is to create new works that look part of the existing structure.

For commercial, JSK is a registered commercial builder for low-rise.

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Our commercial interests include; shop fit-outs, low rise buildings, all weather structures, office refurbishments and general extensions.

Ideally, we're looking for people who are in a position to commence building.

This typically means you will come to us with drawn plans, engineer designs (plans & computations) and your own input. However if you do not have these elements, we will be happy to refer you to the parties that can handle this.